About me

24 Sep

I was a photojournalist for 23 years and my clients were the Associated Press, The New York Daily News and The New York Times. As a photographer and a writer, my talents were able to take me farther than what I would have ever imagined.

I had spent much of my time overseas, and due to a traumatic experience, my career came to a bleak halt. It took me years of re-channeling myself. To finally awaking, it was a slow and painful journey. I have studied Creative Writing at Full Sail University. My passion for writing has kept me moving forward.

Cocoa Grinder on the block

24 Jun

Cocoa_GrinderOn the go, go to Cocoa Grinder for a cup of Joe. When first walking up to the place it appears as if it were an old factory dating back to the 1950s. Huge plate glass windows a heavy door leading into the most cheerful looking bunch of employees, they seem ready to serve your every whim. Odd I had thought, since I am in New York a place where if there is someone too eager to serve you that could possibly mean that you are in danger. But that was not the case, they did not put me to work thank goodness; I loathe hard labor.

The host and chef are fine tuned cogs in this factory, the host threw a coal towards the chef, ouch, and the chef then tossed it into the fire. He did not say another word after he was given his orders to cook. Thrilled to have more than what he was able to handle. He quickly plotted his tools for the task. Simultaneously cracking two eggs, then tossing the two eggshells over his shoulder without missing a beat into the trashcan they went. It was such a feat that only the few who were there could admire.

The chef snickered as he did it once again, flip-flap and slapping the grill with his spatula, such precision. Surely, solely a Shogun Warrior could have done that, I thought. The metal-to-metal clinking clanking sounds caught the ears and eyes of everyone there causing us to turn around.

We looked at one another, as if it were a favorable sound, in the middle of our “Wow”, in snap their signature raps were ready and being served. A tortilla roll so delicious that if your fingers had teeth, they would devour it before your mouth would. If you did not know any better, one would think that there is a Szechuan Chef under that Shogun Warrior. However, that was not the case, the guy just loves to perform while cooking.

Buyer’s Confusion

11 Jun

Just to imagine the the confusion that a person is taken through when purchasing their first camera, it is a major headache. You are possibly wondering where is this going? Allow me to explain: I have a great advantage over many consumers when it involves purchasing camera equipment.

You might have guessed it, or perhaps you have not. I work for a major authorized camera dealer in New York, and I am exposed to an assortment of cameras, and I get to look, touch, use and taste (taste when no one is looking) test them all before the general public does. Selecting a major camera that suited my needs, it was as if it were a cool summer breeze. Choosing the best from all the rest was fun, and the camera did not cost me a fortune, no, I did not get discount nor was it for free, “if that is what you are thinking”.

Speaking of thinking: If I were a regular consumer, I would only know of three major camera brands, and that is all I would know of. Because of their pushy ads of course and if not ads, they are hearing it from their friends that have swallowed the hook and line as well. There is Canon, Nikon and Sony. Oh, that Sony that has stepped up their game with their new cutting edge (ouch) Sony A9, nice and heavy, it feels more like a brick. That is it that is all that I would know, after all I am regular consumer, right?

Okay, so that was not the case, and I ended up purchasing an Olympus M5 MII. The camera is fantastic, it is a tiny little thing that is jacked-up on steroids, how is that for meeting my expectations? It does it all at almost half the cost, those biggie names would cringe if the word were to ooze out. It is an amazing camera in low light, that you will think that you are a night owl. The image processing speed is fast, faster than some that shall remain nameless mirrorless cameras. Oh, yes, I didn’t mention it did I, yes, the Olympus is mirrorless, and it has a smaller sensor too and that does impart with it outrageous performance.


That was not the case when I had purchased my first DSLR ten years ago, falling for ads online there was little resources.

Nude Voka

19 Dec

Nude Vodka in Newark, New Jersey. Photo By: Julio Ibarra

Searching for something nude, maybe it was some sort of new story I was looking for, so I thought. I didn’t really know what I was looking for at the time. My search led me to a local bar in the Iron bound section of Newark, New Jersey. As soon as I entered the bar it hit me, like a swift kick to the chin. I was looking for a drink, yeah, a drink, yummy. The late night heat mixed with the welcoming cool air that caress   bar’s open doors, it lured me in.

It’s an inconceivable thought that I would let the night waste away. But, I didn’t, my keen sense. I looked up from my slump, and I saw that sleek shape it made my mouth water. It was a thirst that I cannot forget. I scoured the liquor shelf for something new, and there, there its aura surrounding its beauty, it was there, beckoning me. It was nude, it had such curves; my selfish instinct told me to touch, then, ask questions, I couldn’t help myself. I realized my primitive desires were not in control of me and I had asked, as a gentleman that I am, if I can have a small taste of it. Just a small one or three, I thought I said.

There were uncontrollable thoughts that took-over-me. I was overwhelmed; I felt completely aroused, damn these feelings. I mean; it was crazy after all, I am a nudist, with little self-control. This should have been no big deal, “no pun intended”.

I sat hidden in a dimly lit corner of the bar, I was hoping that no one would notice me pointing at the curves on the label of the bottle, that read in white letters “Nude” on it too. My face was a bit flushed. I didn’t want the bar tender to think I was a pervert. I pointed nervously towards the bottle, and just said as I pointed, “I—I’ll have some of that”.

Never have I ever tasted nude before, see yes, touched it once, but to taste, now, that was virgin territory. I thought, “I have to give it a try”. I decided to order it straight up, then on the rocks, following coca cola with a complementary stirring stick (free is for me), I had to ask for a twist (life isn’t prefect). Last but not least I had the bard tender make me a screw diver. That is everyone’s favorite, I think. I know it’s mine now. By the way, how can I have forgotten; I had chocolate shots with it too, man, if I can tell you, it was good. The refreshing cool taste gave life to my dry pipes.


Each way and every way, I drank “Nude”, if this is the taste of Nude, then I want it stripped to nothing. It had a supple silky smooth flavor to it. This is the flesh fresh flavor of “Nude Vodha” that I will always favor, consider it cannibalism it is vodka that no one could resist. As Americas love for nudity grows, however bizarre it is to so many, Nude is now in a bottle, sort of.

Gotham’s Public Relations

4 Dec


June 15, 2016

Media Contact: Mr. Bruce Wayne, President of Wayne Enterprises

Unique Art Pieces Revealed for the First Time Ever in Gotham City

It has been 10 days of bliss for our beloved Gotham City. The crime rate in Gotham City has taken a plummet for the better. There have been no sightings of our mild-manner-crusader “Batman”. The chatter is all around town: how our crime stopper Batman has placed the very last evil villain the Joker into prison, where he will never be seen or heard of again. This is great news for our touring industry, now we will have a flux of visitor vacationing in Gotham City.

2:30 PM EST: In honoring the crusader’s hard work, our Mayor Bart Banks will use the city’s silver key to open the gates to Gotham’s City Garden Park. Our visitors will be enjoying free refreshments and food right off the barbecue grill; all donated by the Wayne Foundation. Visitors can relax under the cool blossoming apple trees. At 3 PM EST: Mr. Wayne will speak at the “Bruce Wayne Downtown Art Festival”. There will be artwork that has never been seen before. The small charity run will help the Victim’s of Crime, it involves our Mayor Banks sitting in a dunking tank, for every ball that hits the target dunking the Mayor: $500.00 is donated by the Wayne Foundation. Our local star Ray James and his band are playing our old time favorites. “My family has loved Gotham City for many years and has admiration for its people. You, yes you the people are the pillar that has made this city our home great again”, says Mr. Bruce Wayne, President of Wayne Enterprises.

Public Relations Example

4 Dec


The Wart News

June 12, 2016

Contact: Julio Ibarra

Editorial Chief

Phone: (212) 556-2100

Email: JAIBorroto@fullsail.edu

Website: thewartnews.org

The Wart News is the underground trend in local reporting

 Did you know that only 29% of the news is reported? You are missing out of what is happening right around the corner from where you are standing. The Wart News is not competing with major networks, but complementing their efforts in local news coverage as well. We have a new way to keep our youth interested in their future.

There is 81% of local news that is not reported. The latest craze in your area might have been overlooked. Ever wonder: which restaurant is the best place for a quick bite, at the best prices. The demo of our app is open for those that would like to see a new from ad alerts with local news. With our app you can plug-in what you like and keep it on, and if the food that you like is in the area our app will alert you, and direct you to it, that is The Wart News for you. We cover world news as well, watching for the Associated Press coverage. We aim to bring you the best news possible, and news that you would not normally hear about.

ASTORIA, NY. – June 12, 2016 – We have launched the very first news service of its kind. With easy access from anywhere, our phone app will send you only the alerts that you are requesting. You have a particular restaurant that you like, and want to know about their latest specials for the week, The “News Wart” will send you new worthy alerts, so that you would not miss that special of the day.

We will also send you the news that would like to read about, not just news that you can find anywhere. We are always in the hunt for the latest news right around the corner from you. Also, we will have off the beaten path documentaries. The video documentary team will consist of local students, to help them promote their career. Our viewers will have a voting option, which will determine the best-documented coverage of a local subject, and once the student gets a certain amount of thumbs up for his or her work. The Wart News sets them up for a scholarship to further their education.

We have designed a new way for our youth to express their thoughts in the world we live in. Through your help, we can keep our youth occupied with creativity. So news will not be just news The Wart News looks for local excitement. We survive on the public’s donations.

Divine Wines Of All Kinds

4 Dec

Visitor mill about in Adega Wines and Spirits are walking past the wine section of the store. Photo By: Julio A. Ibarra

A new home for wine connoisseurs could not have been any better. Since “Adega Wine and Spirits” have opened their doors on October 10, 2013 they have become the new beat in Astoria. With its dash of old-world décor, classical music and their wine tasting weekends, it is just simply breathtaking eloquence to the eyes, ears and palate. Its vibrancy radiates in the air as you stroll passed the labyrinth of some of the finest wines and liquors that are just so pleasantly inviting.

Glistening glasses of wine are held delicately towards the light to see the wines form and as the bouquet is swirled, sniffed and sipped there are smiles. The sound of the music seems to pause as tinkering glasses and lighthearted laughter can be heard from patrons in the store. A striking blonde haired hostess gently sways her hand towards the opened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, magically gesturing as if she is offering more. Instead, her angelic voice describes the wine’s origin to the core of its seed. “Magnificence to its purest”, she recites. Those that were listening their heads nodded with approval.

An-applause is heard, next, a raised hand of a patron with a question, and another with cash in hand ready to buy. “Let me have two of the red, I’ll take those home”, the middle-aged woman said. Intoxicated with the thought of having found a worldly sommelier, confidently off they went rejoicing their purchase, knowing they’ll be back for more. As the two ladies walked out with two bottles in each hand, they squeezed past the doorway as three were walking in. A home welcoming smile by the cashier was as if it were the cue for another bottle of “Cabernet Sauvignon” to be opened, “pop”, the cork echoes in the store.

Don’t spend a dime to buy a home

6 Nov


Buying a house without spending any money? Who has ever heard of such a thing, how is it possible? If I use OPM (Other People Money), would I not have to pay it back? After all, the bill does come to me, it is not my money at first, but it will be every month when I have to pay it back to the credit card company or to a friend or the good old super nice investor down the street that I just so happen to know, I have to pay him back don’t I, and with interest? So in the long run, whose money is it? If you don’t have to pay it back and I mean not one dime. Then please, you have to tell me too, I want a free ride.

Please allow me to bring you to the real world events, how to purchase a home with none of your money and 10 years of experience will do for you. Are you really ready for this? We currently have a failing market there are foreclosures left, right, below, and should I go on?

Well, now that I have dredged you through all of that I will now help you understand how to buy a home without using your own money. This one little secret of ten ways to really buy with none of your money, really, none, WORKS! If you have gotten this far in reading, I know you will succeed in this secretive formula.

This is where you spend some of your own money, can you afford $12.53, because that is all that a home will cost you. Oh, yes, how could I have forgotten, a little gas and a few pounds off of the midsection. Sorry, I guess something has to come out of your pocket.

The $12.53 will buy you a stack of 3×5 index cards and a red felt tip pen. You will hand write (this will make it seem a little more personable) on these cards the following: “Hello, My name is ______________ I was in your area wondering if you know of someone that needs help because they are on the verge of foreclosure? I would like to help them stay in their home. This is my number (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Oh, I am not Realtor or Bank. But I know I can help. Thank you, then your signature.”

Here is a special treat for those that live in a Spanish speaking area; this is a Spanish translation:

¿”hola, mi nombre es ______________ que estaba en su área que se preguntaba si usted sabe alguien ese necesita ayuda porque están en el borde de la ejecución de una hipoteca? Quisiera ayudarles a permanecer en allí casero. Éste es mi número (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Oh, no soy realtor o banco. Pero sé que puedo ayudar. Gracias, entonces su firma.”

Yes, there is some work involved here; this is not for the fate of heart. Well, if don’t want to walk, waste gas, and lose those pounds. You can run to your local County Court House and get a listing of those foreclosed home or just wait until they show up in the local paper, under “Sheriff Sale” listings. That then is where I will wish you much luck. Because every Tom, Dick, Harry, dragging their mom along will be out there soliciting those very same poor people. They would rather speak to someone that is much more passionate, yes, like you. You’re a good person. You get it, I hope! They would rather speak to someone as you, that is just there to take their home out from under them.

Now how will this wonderful formula work? Here we go; you will be attracting people who are on the edge of a possible foreclosure. They have now where to turn, they also have credit cards that are not maxed out or maybe they are. Get ready for the calls to come in, when they call you, you will say, “Hi, thank you for responding to my card I am looking forward towards helping you stay in your home, let’s talk”.

This is how you will help them and you will buy a home with none of your own money. This is also called a “Lease Buy Back”.

  1. You will offer to assume their mortgage (assuming a mortgage in many states is not allowed with some Residential Mortgagors, refinancing and having you placed on the deed’s title as the new mortgagor. Or purchase the property from them, for the mortgage amount due to the bank.) You will become an investor.
  2. Tell them chances are you will get a great rate because you have a very good credit score. ( Tell them the truth, you will have to have a good credit score) If you don’t have a good credit score, there many credit repair agents right in your back yard, ready to help you.

(If they are still interested at this point, well let us hope they are you have to remind them, “They are going to lose their home soon”. If they are smart they will see the benefit, ‘THEY GET TO LIVE IN THEIR HOME”)

  1. Then ask them, “are all your credit cards maxed out?” If they say “NO”? This is great, you will be using their credit card funds, not yours, you will use their funds for the closing cost. If you have a credit score of 700 or above, you can then apply for a stated assets and stated income loan (SASI). In other words: “you show nothing and tell very little”.
  2. You will have an attorney that will draw up a contract between you and the seller that they will be renting your home, and if they forgo on paying you, then that is when you will evict them. “YES” did you figure it out? You have now become a landlord of their property. However, you are letting them live in the home instead of them having to move out.

How did all of this happen? Very simple, understand that no one can get over the fact that they are losing their home. So you are stepping in offering your credit information to buy their home from them, but they would have to shell out the funds for closing cost and say that you have already given them funds, as down payment. You now own their home and used none of your money.

Next scenario, what happens if their credit card is maxed out, have them sell you their car or hold it as collateral, jewelry, washing machines and anything that holds a value. You will get it at a rock bottom price, then you use the money. If it were in a normal situation, you would have given them the funds, but in this case, you will use those funds that you would have given them for the closing cost instead.

After all why not you are helping them and you are helping yourself to a home. They stay as long as they are paying the rent, maybe when they are back on their feet they will buy the home back from you but at the market value. Then you make a good profit they did not really lose their home and you have money for a down payment for a new home. This is one way in how to really not use your money to buy a home.

I know what you are thinking, if they are not paying the bank, why would they pay me? They will pay you because you will be helping them keep their home something that many banks don’t do or offer to do. You in the other hand are helping them to stay in their not offering them to walk away and having their children displaced. Oh, a word of advice; try to target the families, they are the best tenants you can have.


This formula will work providing that you work to make it materialize. People will call. You have to make sure that you have a good attorney who will place the wording “Miss 1, 2 or the 3-month rent you are out in two weeks” Your choice of how many month you will give them a chance, don’t forget the late charges. Keep in mind that you own the home you are the investor or so kindly put it the “landlord”…

There is so much more to this that a book could be written. There are ten more ways to spin the residential mortgage purchase, and not use your own money. Keep in mind that if you have to borrow, you will what? YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY IT BACK!

Report By: Julio A. Ibarra

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